Precinct Committeemen

At the grassroots of the party, Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen are the most fundamental and closest connection most voters have to the party. They provide vital election day process information (where to vote, when, how, etc.) and connect with a particular area (precinct) in the county.

The effort PC’s/VPC’s put into their precinct, the better the results. These are generally elected positions in the precinct where you live, but appointments by Chairman E. Wayne Parke, can be made. 

The following are active Precinct Committeemen as of March 25, 2014

1st Ward
Captain:  Vacant
Ward 1-1    Wayne Parke
Ward 1-4    Russell G. Lloyd
Ward 1-5   Dan McGinn
Ward 1-6   Steven Matthews
Ward 1-7   Kenny Dickerson
Ward 1-8    Donald A. Cobb
Ward 1-9    Jeffery W. Ahlers
Ward 1-10  Betty Hermann 
Ward 1-13  Joe Kiefer
Ward 1-14  Susan Kirk
Ward 1-15  Carl Linge
Ward 1-16  Mary Jo Kaiser
Ward 1-17  Tom Bozikis
Ward 1-18  David Henning
2nd Ward
Captain:  Danny Weddle
Ward 2-1   Linda Giles
Ward 2-2   Tim Bray
Ward 2-3   Danny Weddle
Ward 2-4  Tom Cohoon
Ward 2-5   Bettye Lou Jerrel
Ward 2-7   Charlene Braker
Ward 2-8   John Van Zandt
Ward 2-9   Cody Morris
Ward 2-10 Wayne Kirk
Ward 2-12 Chris Kiefer
Ward 2-13 Lon Walters
Ward 2-14 Donald Boerner
Ward 2-15 Vacant
Ward 2-17 Becky Kasha
3rd Ward
Captain:  Alan Leibundguth
Ward 3-2   Colleen McClaskey
Ward 3-3   Sean Holleran
Ward 3-4   Ron Neighbors 
Ward 3-6   Mark Samila
Ward 3-7   Steve Schaefer
Ward 3-8   Ryan Schulz
Ward 3-9   Hurshel Cobb
Ward 3-10 VACANT
Ward 3-11 J.D. Strouth
Ward 3-12 Bryan Fox
Ward 3-13 Donald Davis
Ward 3-14 Gregory Stilwell
Ward 3-16 Alan Leibundguth
Ward 3-17 Theresa Lloyd
4th Ward
Captain: Archie Carter
Ward 4-1   Jim Keck
Ward 4-2   Christine Keck
Ward 4-3   Brandon Greene
Ward 4-4   Gregory Fox
Ward 4-5   VACANT
Ward 4-6   VACANT
Ward 4-7   Karen Parke
Ward 4-8   Roger Madden
Ward 4-9   VACANT
Ward 4-11 Archie Carter
Ward 4-12 Brian Owen
Ward 4-13 Verly Booher
Ward 4-14 Mary Ellen Coker
Ward 4-15 Donovan Phipps
Ward 4-16 Frank Coleman
Ward 4-17 Robert P. Musgrave
5th Ward
Captain:  Jay Lindsey
Ward 5-1  Marsha Abell
Ward 5-2  Richard Barnhart
Ward 5-3  Kirk Williams
Ward 5-4  Michelle Mercer
Ward 5-5  Farley Smith
Ward 5-6  Christopher Politano
Ward 5-8  David Coker 
Ward 5-9  Nancy Koehler
Ward 5-11 Brent Grafton
Ward 5-12 VACANT
Ward 5-13 Jay Lindsey
Ward 5-14 Tom Shetler, Jr.
Ward 5-15 Angela Koehler Lindsey
Ward 5-16 Jeff Day
6th Ward
Captain: David Christmas 
Ward 6-1    VACANT
Ward 6-2    Thomas Hilderbrandt
Ward 6-3    Joe Templeton
Ward 6-4    VACANT
Ward 6-5    Eric Schmidt
Ward 6-7    VACANT
Ward 6-8   VACANT
Ward 6-9    VACANT
Ward 6-11  Michael Paulin
Ward 6-12  David Christmas
Ward 6-13  VACANT
Ward 6-14   VACANT
Ward 6-15  Patrick Blumer
Ward 6-16  Jenal Vessels
Ward 6-17 Glen Kissel
Armstrong Township
Captain: Wilbur Kron
Armstrong-1   Wilbur Krohn

Center Township
Captain: Nicholas Dus 

Center-1   Aprile Sandefur
Center-2  Jamie Penner
Center-3  Connie Carrier
Center-4  Luther Nixon
Center 5  Joyce Perry
Center-6  Gary Burdsall
Center 7  Jeffrey Mueller
Center-8  Debra Stucki
Center-9  Brian Wells
Center-10 Betty Polk
Center-11 Nicholas Dus
Center-12 Janice Bentle
Center-13 Tiffany Collins
Center-14 Linda Myers
Center-15 Barbara Isaac
German Township
Captain: John Bassemeier
German-1 Frank Peterlin
German-2 Travis Willett
German-3  Brenda Bergwitz
German-4 Michele Peterlin
German-5 Sherri Schlitt
German-6  Phyllip Davis
German-7  Jason Gerteisen
Knight Township
Captain: Sean Selby
Knight-1  Levon Dozier
Knight-2  Judy Shirk
Knight 3  Sean Selby
Perry Township
Captain: Sandi Brown
Perry-1    VACANT
Perry-2    Steven Stocker
Perry-3    Sandi Brown
Perry-4    VACANT
Perry-5    Tonya Hall
Perry-6    VACANT
Perry-7    Dewey Colter
Perry-8    VACANT
Perry-9    VACANT
Perry-10  William Harty
Scott Township
Captain: Martha Stott
Scott-1   Chris Lantaff
Scott-2   Judy Rasure
Scott-3   Blake Meny
Scott-4   Jeff Hatfield
Scott-5   Martha Stott
Scott-6   Larry Downs
Union Township
Captain: Vacant
Union-1   VACANT



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