The backbone of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party is its superb slate of office holders. These men and women have sacrificed their time, money and energy to serve the community and are the most visible part of our party. Click here to learn more about local Republicans serving in public office. The Vanderburgh County Republican Party itself is governed by the Rules of the Indiana Republican State Committee (pdf). On the first Saturday in March 2009, and every fourth year thereafter, the precinct committeemen (described below) convene to elect a Central Committee. Click here to learn more about the Republican Central Committee. Precinct Committeemen Vanderburgh County is made up of 144 precincts, each with its own precinct committeeman. A precinct committeeman is the only party official directly elected by Republican voters. A committeeman and his or her fellow committeemen represent the Republican party to the people. He or she is a primary contact between voters, candidates and elected officials. A precinct committeeman's qualifications are pretty simple:

  • You should be a strong Republican to be considered as a Republican precinct committeeman.
  • One has to be a registered voter in Vanderburgh County.
  • In order to run and be elected, a person must be registered to vote in the precinct they are living in and run for the position.
  • To be appointed to any vacancy, a person only needs to be a registered to vote somewhere in the county and live in the county.

Precinct committeemen are elected for a term of four years, or the remainder of a term if appointed. Committeemen were last elected in May of 2012. Thus, anyone appointed today would serve out the remainder of that term. The responsibilities of a precinct committeeman include the following:

  • Work or recruit two people to work a polling place on the primary and general election days. Workers get paid about $100.00 and they work from 6 AM to 6 PM.
  • Vote in caucuses to elect/fill vacancies.
  • Help recruit volunteers, help candidates get elected particularly in their Ward/Township, attend fundraisers, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a precinct committeeman, please contact one of the members of the central committee today.



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