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Common Sense with his son, Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan is coming to Evansville to celebrate Reagan Day with the Vanderburgh County GOP. Michael is the son of former President Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. Michael will discuss current topics with a Ronald Reagan slant. You don't want to miss this opportunity.   On Sale at Ticketmaster Now Click Here.

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Subject: Meet and Greet, This is a Free Event! Please Join Us for Burgers and Brats 
Where: Armstrong Recreation Center
When: Tuesday, October 21st from 5:30-7:30pm 
All northern Vanderburgh County residents from Armstrong, Scott, and German Townships are welcome. 
We will be hosting a Meet and Greet on Tuesday, October 21st from 5:30-7:30pm at the Armstrong Recreational Center. All food and drinks will be provided. This is a free event! 
Come meet Kirk and his family. 

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What to fear? Obama? Ebola? CDC?

By Gary Varvel














Syrian Kurds feel abandoned as ISIS battle rages


By Associated Press


Kneeling over his brother's fresh grave, Ali Mehmud gathered clumps of dirt in his hands, raised them to his lips to kiss them, then softly placed them back on the small mound.


His brother, Seydo, a truck driver and father of four from the Syrian Kurdish village of Ayn Bat, had been killed four days earlier in Kobani, where he was fighting with fellow Syrian Kurds against the Islamic State militants trying to seize the town.

"It's all fire inside my heart," Mehmud said at the small cemetery in Suruc, not far from Turkey's border with Syria, as the wind whipped dust and the faint, sour smell of death into the air. "Only Kurdish people are helping us, nobody else. No one in the international community."

In the crowded refugee camps, public squares and tea halls of this hardscrabble Kurdish town in Turkey, such words are a frequent refrain among thousands of Syrian Kurds who have fled the Islamic State group's onslaught since mid-September.

No one contests that the U.S.-led coalition has conducted more than 40 airstrikes against the militants besieging Kobani, nor that Turkey has granted refuge to more than 200,000 people who have flooded across the border to escape the militants' offensive in Syria.

But both Turkish and Syrian Kurds say the United States and Turkey - and the international community in general - should be doing more to help save Kobani from the fanatical Islamic State militants who have massacred and beheaded their enemies across Syria and Iraq. They are angry Turkey isn't allowing Kurdish fighters into Syria and at the West for not arming them.

"Why isn't the world helping Kobani? If there is a fish without water, you run to help it. Are the people of Kobani not human?" asked Mohammed, a member of Kobani's local council who now helps administer a refugee camp in Suruc.

He declined to give his last name, fearing trouble with Turkish authorities. "America should do something," he said.

Syria's Kurds, led by the Kurdish Democratic Party and its armed wing, popularly known as the YPG, have been battling the Islamic State group for more than a year, long before the United States. And yet they remain essentially left to their own devices, largely shunned by both the mainstream Syrian opposition as well as the U.S.-led coalition - despite their common enemy.

But the sense of abandonment also has been nourished by more recent events.

The Kurds of Kobani can rattle off a list of other communities in neighboring Iraq threatened with annihilation by Islamic State militants who were ultimately rescued by the Americans - their own Kurdish brethren, the Yazidis and the Shiite Turkmen of Amerli.

The threat to Kobani is no less dire, according to U.N. envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, who warned last week that if Kobani falls the civilians left there "will most likely be massacred."

To forestall such a fate, Syrian Kurdish leaders have called for Turkey to open the border to allow members of the Kurdish militia known as the People's Protection Units, or YPG, in northeastern Syria to travel through Turkish territory to reinforce Kobani. They also have begged the international community for heavy weapons - like the ones delivered by the U.S. and its allies to Iraq's Kurds - to bolster the outgunned defenders of Kobani.

So far, both requests have gone unanswered.

Syrian Kurds are quick to point out who, in their eyes, is to blame: Turkey. The U.S. simply doesn't want to upset its NATO ally.

"This is something between America and Turkey," said Fatma Youssef, sitting cross-legged in a refugee tent in central Suruc with two dozen other refugees who fled to Turkey from the village of Hamamik, east of Kobani.

Turkey is wary of the Syrian Kurds and their YPG militia, which it believes is affiliated with the Kurdish PKK movement in southeast Turkey that has waged a long and bloody insurgency against Ankara.

The U.S., anxious to have Ankara's help in the anti-Islamic State group fight, has deferred to the Turks.

Ankara has shown no sense of urgency to tip the scales of the battle for Kobani in the Kurds' favor, in large part because of its distrust of the YPG fighters defending the town. In recent days, Turkish officials have even gone so far as to emphasize that they view both the Islamic State group and the PKK as terrorist groups.

Turkey's perceived obstructionism over Kobani has infuriated Syrian Kurds, as well as those in Turkey. YPG fighters and civilians accuse the Turks of not only hindering their battle against the Islamic State group, but also of actively aiding the militants with tanks, other weapons and supplies.

"Turkey was shelling us. I saw Grad rockets being shot at us from Turkey," said Hanif Dedeli, a YPG guerilla who fought east of Kobani.

Such accusations have persisted despite Turkey's declared participation in the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State group, including its offer to train up to 4,000 mainstream Syrian rebels on Turkish soil.

Syria's Kurds have charted a tricky course through the rough waters of their country's civil war. They have carved out an autonomous zone in predominantly Kurdish areas since President Bashar Assad's force largely withdrew from them in 2012.

But some small government garrisons have remained in those Kurdish-controlled areas, leading many in the Syrian opposition to accuse the Kurds of working with Damascus - charges the Kurds deny.

"In Syria, you have two options: the Free Syrian Army or the government. We chose the third path -being neutral," said Mohammed, the Kobani local council member.

On a deeper level, the Syrian Kurds' frustration with the international community is interwoven with the community's troubled history in Syria, where they have been treated as second-class citizens by rulers for decades, as well as the broader struggle of a Kurdish people spread across Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran for a homeland of their own.

For now, most of the estimated 200,000 people who have fled Kobani have found a refuge in Suruc and the surrounding villages, crowding into four refugee camps as well as wedding halls, public buildings and mosques.

In Suruc itself, three camps with row upon row of gray tents have been set up, and a fourth is set to open Thursday. Volunteers pass hand out bread from plastic bags, and on a recent evening a food truck doled out bowls of cooked rice and beans for dinner.

The relief is funded in large part by the People's Democratic Party, Turkey's leading Kurdish party, as well as donations from Suruc, which is predominantly Kurdish.

Back at the Suruc graveyard, where his brother's body was brought to from Syria and buried, Mehmud said that such help has earned the gratitude of the people of Kobani, who remain in limbo for now, unsure how long their exile will last as the fighting rages on.

"These people of Suruc are helping us. The Kurds of Suruc are beside us," he said.


Mohammed Rasool contributed to this report.


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 Larry Bucshon


Eighth District Congressman Larry Bucshon issued the following statement commemorating the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks: 


"Today we remember the American lives lost on that unforgettable day thirteen years ago. We all join together in saying a prayer for the memory of those we lost and their families. We honor the first responders who ran into the flames to save their fellow citizens, the brave men and women who charged that cockpit over Pennsylvania, and the heroes who have since answered the call of duty, sacrificing everything so that others may be free. Together, we demonstrated the incredible resilience of the American spirit and the resolve of our people. 


"While the smoke and debris may have long since cleared, the threat of terrorism around the world still exists. We must be vigilant and we must stand tall. America remains the leader of the free world and we will stop at nothing to defeat those who threaten the promise of freedom."




Rural Communities Must Be Considered in Health Care Decisions

Recent policy decisions by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have not adequately reflected the reality of health care delivery in America’s rural areas. For example, seniors, families, veterans and others often are forced to travel long distances for appropriate care.

This week, I joined a bipartisan group of 34 senators in expressing concern to the Obama Administration that federal rules for health care facilities do not adequately consider the impact these decisions have on rural communities.

In a letter to the CMS director, we asked for details about how the agency is incorporating rural health care experts earlier in rule-drafting and called for comprehensive information on the rulemaking process. We also called on CMS to work toward practices and standards that take rural health facilities into account during its initial rulemaking process. Such efforts would help make sure, among others, that Medicare beneficiaries will be able to obtain care within their own communities when possible.

I am committed to ensuring that federal policy recognizes the unique challenges facing our rural communities in Indiana. Our letter can be viewed here.


Coats Named Champion of Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Encouraging innovation and supporting policies that ensure our small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive is one of my key priorities, so it was an honor to be named a Champion of Entrepreneurs and Small Business.

I will continue to fight for policies that allow our Hoosier entrepreneurs and small businesses to create solutions that make our economy diverse, innovative and stronger

Senator Coats was named a Champion of Entrepreneurs and Small Business by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) for his support of legislative policies critical to Indiana’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Senator Coats received a rating of 100 percent from the SBE Council.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At this time each year, fighters, survivors, friends and loved ones join together to raise awareness about a malevolent disease which has likely affected us all in one way or another: breast cancer.

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the necessary steps towards early detection, which is one of the greatest tools we have in this battle.

To help women develop a plan, the National Breast Cancer Foundation website offers an app that reminds women to do a self or clinical breast exam or mammograms based on their age and health history. As our lives continue to get busier and busier, this is a convenient way for women to stay on top of their health.

Additionally, as health care costs continue to rise, not everyone can afford the price of regular check-ups. But thankfully, women are not alone in this fight. Throughout our state and country, low-cost or free mammograms are available to those who need it most. 

One such program is Komen Affiliates, which funds breast cancer education, screening as well as treatment projects. If you would like to find more information on resources available in our area, you can visit the Greater Evansville Area Affiliate website, or call the breast cancer helpline at 1-877-GO-KOMEN (1-877­-465­-6336).

I know from personal experience what a toll this can take on loved ones. From losing an aunt as well as having several friends affected by this disease, I believe strongly in helping women do all they can to fight to survive.

It is never too late to make an appointment.




Growing up on a farm and becoming a small business owner has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about fiscal responsibility and hard work. That's why, as a State Senator, I fought for balanced budgets and supported policies that promote job creation. In 2008, I was honored to be named a Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent Business, and in 2009, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce recognized me as a Small Business Champion. 

Now, as Secretary of State, I remain committed to helping Hoosier business owners by providing more efficient services. Our team is leading the way on a Business One Stop system to streamline the process for businesses that must file with the state of Indiana. Instead of registering with multiple state agencies, business owners will eventually be able to register directly with the Secretary of State's office. The first step will be to incorporate the Department of Revenue and the Department of Workforce Development into the system. When the project is complete, individuals will only need one username and password to access the portal and manage their records.  

In addition to the Business One Stop project, our office works tirelessly to prevent fraud and business identity theft. To read more about our office's efforts to help Hoosier businesses, check out this article from the Northwest Indiana Times!


We're just two months away from Election Day and we are working hard. But we still need to raise a lot of money to get our message out. Will you help by making a contribution today? Please click here to support our efforts. 



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Help Mount Vernon become a Stellar Community




Each year, smaller communities in Indiana are named finalists for the Stellar Communities Program. The program is designed to fund community development projects in smaller communities around the state. I am happy to say that our community, Mount Vernon is a finalist this year.


 The Stellar Community project has been recognized nationally as a premier community development program and received the 2012 President’s Award for Innovation from the Council of State Community Development Agencies. Led by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, Office of Community and Rural Affairs and the Indiana Department of Transportation, the program works to assist communities achieve their vision by helping them to leverage additional state and federal funds to undertake more community development projects.


 Since the program’s creation in 2010, over 60 communities have sent letters of intent for the program and 21 investment plans have been created. This year, 14 communities submitted letters of intent and from those, six were chosen as finalists, including Mount Vernon.


 The city of Mount Vernon has applied to the program with seven different development projects in mind. One of the projects is to finish phase four and five of the Riverbend Trail. According the proposal, the trail will extend north from 4th Street; continuing along Main Street to McFadin’s Bluff. It will loop around the public library and Imagination Station, and then, the trail will head west and north to Brittlebank Park.


 Not everyone knows the history of Mount Vernon, so another project is creating a McFadin’s Bluff historical marker, named after the first settlers. Upon completion of the new police and fire station, Mount Vernon will be demolishing the old fire station located adjacent to the current city administration building. Once the site is cleared, it will be made into a city park/parking lot and will house the McFadin’s Bluff historical marker, which had to be relocated due to Homeland Security requirements. Historical markers regarding the history of Mount Vernon will be located in the park upon completion. 


 The major project of the seven is the construction of a community center that will hold up to 400 people. There has been interest from the public as well as private businesses in Mount Vernon who are in need of a place to hold meetings. The city intends to construct a new multi-purpose community center at Kiwanis Park, which is accessible from the Riverbend Trail. This center will house events, festivals and celebrations indoors as well as provide outdoor park amenities.


 Community involvement is key to Mount Vernon becoming a Stellar Community. To get involved contact the Stellar Advisory Committee at 812­-838­-5576 or email Mayor Tucker a mayortucker@mountvernon-in.com. Another way to get involved is to come out and support Mount Vernon during the site visit when officials will come and tour the city. The official visit is scheduled for Monday, July 7, 2014 at 12pm, starting from the landing at the river front. I hope you will join me in supporting our community! 






As always, please contact me with your thoughts or concerns by emailing me at Senator.Becker@iga.in.gov or calling 800-382-9467.





Rep. Sullivan encourages students to intern for the House of Representatives
Click here to learn about the 2015 House Republican Internship.

As a business professional and mother of three, I understand the importance of making sure that Hoosiers are properly prepared for the workforce. Internships allow students to gain hands-on experience and broaden their understanding of working in various settings. 

In saying that, I would like students to consider applying for an internship with the Indiana House of Representatives. We are now accepting intern applications for the upcoming session. 

This paid internship gives college students and recent graduates the opportunity to be a part of Indiana’s legislative process by working directly with state representatives to issue press releases, handle constituent work, conduct research for state policy or even work in our IT department. 

The House of Representatives Intern Program takes place at the Indiana Statehouse in downtown Indianapolis. The internship, beginning in January and ending in late April, is open to college students looking to gain professional experience as well as learn more about the legislative process.


Those interested in the program may consider applying for the following internships: Member Services, Communications, Technology, Policy and Fiscal.

A more detailed description of each of these internships and the online application can be found on our 2015 Intern Program Page.

Applications must be submitted by October 31, 2014. A schedule of recruitment events at campuses across Indiana can be found here.

Questions about the program can be directed to:

Jacob Quinn
Intern Director

Ali Norman
Communications Intern Director






Fellow Republicans:


Welcome to the VCRP

We believe in sensible taxes, smaller and less intrusive government, personal responsibility and accountability, Constitutional government, liberty, and respect for life. Following the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, we strive to promote these common sense values in government and in our community.  Reforming Government to Serve the People. The American people believe Washington is broken and for good reason. Short-term politics overshadow the long-term interests of the nation. Our national legislature uses a budget process devised long before the Internet and seems unable to deal in realistic ways with the most pressing problems of families, businesses, and communities. Members of Congress have been indicted for violating the public trust. Public disgust with Washington is entirely warranted.

Republicans will uphold and defend our party’s core principles: Constrain the federal government to its legitimate constitutional functions. Let it empower people, while limiting its reach into their lives. Spend only what is necessary, and tax only to raise revenue for essential government functions. Unleash the power of enterprise, innovation, civic energy, and the American spirit and never pretend that government is a substitute for family or community.

The other party wants more government control over people’s lives and earnings; Republicans do not. The other party wants to continue pork barrel politics; we are disgusted by it, no matter who practices it. The other party wants to ignore fiscal problems while squandering billions on ineffective programs; we are determined to end that waste. The entrenched culture of official Washington an intrusive tax-and-spend liberalism remains a formidable foe, but we will confront and ultimately defeat it.

The long term solution for many of Washington’s problems is structural. Congress must respect the limits imposed upon it by the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We look to the model of Republican welfare reform, which, since its enactment in 1996, has accomplished a major transfer of resources and responsibility from the federal government back to the states with an accompanying improvement in the program itself. Applying that approach to other programs will steer Congress back into line with the Constitution, reversing both its intrusion into state matters and its neglect of its central duties.

To aid in the fulfillment of those duties, we propose a National Sunset Commission to review all federal programs and recommend which of them should be terminated due to redundancy, waste, or intrusion into the American family. The Congress would then be required by law to schedule one yea or nay vote on the entire sunset list with no amendments.

Additionally, as important as returning power to the states is returning power to the people. As the Declaration of Independence states, our rights are endowed to us by our Creator and are inalienable: rights to life, liberty, and property. Government does not confer these rights but is instituted by men to protect the rights that man has already been granted. The Republican Party strongly affirms these rights and demands that government respect them.




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